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5th October 2020  Content supplied by: NSI Lab Solutions

Easy Access to Pure Bacterial Cultures is a Snap - with Snap-Stick™

A Snap-Stick from NSI Lab Solutions, Inc., is an easy-to-use inoculating swab stick containing a water-soluble microorganism pellet for qualitative analysis of a variety of microbial strains.

Microorganism pellets manufactured with NSI’s proprietary lyophilization process using our unique Microgel-Flash pellet formulation are certified for 18 months from production date and will remain viable when stored at 2-8° Celsius. The pellets are packaged within our unique Snap-Stick device, labeled with a removable label, and sealed for quality. With applied pressure, a simple snap-valve design releases hydration fluid to dissolve the microorganism pellet. The pellet contains the desired microbial strain and will homogenize with minimal agitation in less than one minute. The transparent tube ensures quick and simple visual confirmation of pellet dissolution. After approximately one minute, your sample is ready to inoculate onto your desired media; simply remove the swab from the Snap-Stick tube and swipe the inoculum across your agar plate. Re-use the provided Snap-Stick label to mark your inoculated plates. Following the required incubation period, you will have readable plates with healthy and robust bacterial colonies.

Snap-Sticks are ISO accredited traceable reference materials and can be used for a variety of functions, including starting your own bacterial cultures, environmental monitoring, and identifying particular bacterial strains. Sold in packs of two or six, Snap-Sticks provide customers easy access to pure bacterial cultures. NSI Lab Solutions, Inc., offers world-class technical support for every product available; call to learn more about this and other NSI products or to discuss your product-related applications.



Date Published: 5th October 2020

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