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31st July 2020  Product update: OpenCovidScreen

Competition Launched to Design Rapid COVID-19 Test 

XPRIZE in collaboration with OpenCovidScreen has launched the $5 million XPRIZE Rapid COVID Testing competition to accelerate the development of high-quality COVID-19 testing that is low-cost, easy-to-use with fast-turnaround, enabling frequent testing.

The XPRIZE Rapid COVID Testing competition will call on the world’s brightest, most innovative minds to develop new, low-cost testing solutions that range from testing devices with 15-minute results to distributed lab testing methods with “next morning” results.

Frequent, fast-turnaround, easy-to-use testing enables effective data-driven tracing and isolating strategies. Most currently available COVID-19 tests are expensive, slow, invasive, and are supply-chain limited. XPRIZE Rapid COVID Testing aims to meet the need to scale testing capabilities by 100-times past our current standard, the level of increase needed to more safely return to everyday activities.

To amplify impact, a $50 million “COVID Apollo Project” led by experienced life sciences investors and company builders – including RA Capital, Bain Capital, Perceptive Advisors, Redmile Group, and Samsara Biocapital – will work with OpenCovidScreen, the XPRIZE community, and beyond to accelerate the best ideas, technologies, and innovations to market and scale them.

Teams can compete in one of the following four categories: At Home, Point-of-Care, Distributed Lab, or High-Throughput Lab. To ensure supply chain diverse solutions, entries are encouraged in a variety of underlying testing approaches (PCR, Isothermal/LAMP/RPA, CRISPR, Antigen-detection, Next Generation Sequencing, and other technologies).

Entries will be judged on overall innovation of solution, appropriate performance, turnaround time, scaling properties and frequency enabled, ease-of-use and cost of solution. 

Supporting partners include Thermo Fisher ScientificExact SciencesCenterview PartnersTwist BioscienceOpentronsHudson, Alpha Institute for Biotechnology, and Testing For America.

Teams must register to join the competition by August 31, 2020. For more information, click here



Date Published: 31st July 2020

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