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13th October 2014  Content supplied by: Cannlabs

Colorado’s Largest Licensed Cannabis and Microbiological Testing Laboratory

CannLabs, Inc. have announced the launch of their microbial contaminate testing and consultative service in  response to recent Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) rulings. The  expanded testing service will allow growers to test their products for microbial  contamination, residual solvents and screen for pesticides. CannLabs provides consulting services to help growers remediate their products should test results  not meet current MED microbial testing standards. Until the beta test begins, now  scheduled for mid-November, results below the MED standard do not have to be  reported.

“This is a great opportunity for growers to ensure that their valuable production meet public health and safety standards by using our contamination testing  services,” said Mark Mirken, Chief Executive Officer of CannLabs. “As Colorado’s  largest licensed cannabis and microbiological testing laboratory, CannLabs is  uniquely positioned to provide a consultative approach to help growers due to our  microbiology expertise, real-time data analytics, and proprietary technology.”  Mirken added “Our goal is to ensure we are continuously aligned with our  partners’ testing and consulting needs to provide immediate solutions to help  them avoid a potentially catastrophic financial loss.”

Future regulatory requirements for marijuana, announced by the state of  Colorado, include mandatory random testing for contaminants such as  Salmonella, E.coli, mold, mildew and fungus will begin in mid-November. The  latest testing requirements are in addition to the current regulations around  potency testing for flower, concentrates and edibles. Once the MED implements  the random beta testing program, any contaminated product identified will have the opportunity to be remediated or it will not be able to be commercialized.



Date Published: 13th October 2014

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