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22nd January 2004  Content supplied by: BioControl Systems

Collecting Environmental Samples is Simple with AssureSwab®

BioControl Systems, Inc. have a new environmental sampling system, AssureSwab®. Developed specifically for industrial applications, AssureSwab fills the need for an economical, efficient method for collecting environmental samples. Designed to compliment HACCP plans and SSOP’s the AssureSwab is a ready-to-use swab containing letheen neutralizing broth, an effective neutralizing and buffering agent. Samples collected with AssureSwab can be delivered directly to a plate or film for enumeration methods or into an enrichment media for pathogen specific environmental monitoring.

AssureSwab has a number of advantages over other environmental swabs. It is ready-to-use, saving time and labor in preparing and pipetting neutralizing broth into vials for collection. AssureSwab also offers a convenient one-step activation, which saves time and tedious manipulations. Reliability and consistency of sample collection are assured with Assure Swab’s patented flow technology. Upon activation the letheen broth flows through the inside of the swab shaft and forces the bacteria collected from the sample surface off the Dacron swab tip. This combination of simplicity, efficiency and accuracy make AssureSwab an ideal environmental sampling system.



Date Published: 22nd January 2004

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