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10th March 2020  Editorial by: Paul Carton

Co-Diagnostics Announce Surging Demand for It's CoPrimer™-Based COVID-19 Screening Assay

Co-Diagnostics announced today that both domestic and international demand has surged for its novel coronavirus detection kits in recent weeks leading to increased product shipments, following the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) change in policy on February 29, and an ever-larger number of patients testing positive for the disease worldwide.

International interest has grown for Co-Diagnostics’ CE-IVD Logix Smart™ COVID-19 Test Kit, and numerous requests have been received from US clinical laboratories for the Company’s reagents to be used according to the FDA’s new policy allowing those labs to begin testing patients for COVID-19 after in-house validation while awaiting FDA Emergency Use Authorization.

The patented technique CoPrimer™ by Co-Diagnostics, declared by the Journal of Molecular Diagnostics as a 'Technical Advance' due to its 2.5 million improvement in reducing amplification errors has been incorporated into a COVID-19 diagnostic kit. The Logix Smart COVID-19 is compatible with various manufacturers' PCR devices that are commonly used.

This reduction in amplification errors is based on the CoPrimer's ability to eliminate primer-dimers, a primary cause of mismatching. The test, according to Co-Diagnostics, is "a screening test designed to identify the presence of the novel coronavirus that originated in China before spreading across the world."



Date Published: 10th March 2020

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