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Microbiologics, Provider of Prepared QC Microorganisms, Receives ISO 13485 Certification

Microbiologics comment that certification will enable further expansion in the global marketplace adding to their network of over 140 distributor partners throughout the world
Posted: 2013-06-25 C F O P

Alere Analytics Infection Control and Medication Management Solution

New clinical surveillance solution offers real-time recommendations, patient population analytics and CDC reporting - empowering providers to reduce risk of hospital acquired infections.
Posted: 2013-06-25 C

Next Generation Full Lab Automation and Digital Bacteriology System

The CHU de Québec and COPAN have achieved a landmark first installation of WASPLab in North America giving continuous and automated lab workflow.
Posted: 2013-06-25 C

New Panasonic Biomedical Website and Magazine

Product lines include V.I.P. ultra-low temperature freezers, cryogenic freezers, refrigerators, cell culture incubators, plant growth chambers, and portable autoclaves.
Posted: 2013-06-24 C P

Lab M Celebrates Successful Launch of new Product Line

µPREP™ Buffered Peptone Water ISO (BPW) is the first product in Lab M's new 'just add water' media line.
Posted: 2013-06-17 C W

Assays Targeting the H7N9 Bird Flu Strain and New Coronavirus Strain

Vela Diagnostics have PCR-based RUO tests for the identification of genetic targets specific to H7N9 as well as a highly virulent strain of coronavirus (hCoV-EMC).
Posted: 2013-06-17 C

HAI Sequencing Technology Introduced to Australia and New Zealand

The Pathogenica kit provides sequence data (including strain identity and resistance genes) for hospital acquired infections, making hospital wide screening practical. Research Use Only.
Posted: 2013-06-17 C

Puritan Awarded New European Patents for PurFlock® Ultra and HydraFlock®

The latest patents are the fourth and fifth specimen collection device patents Puritan has been awarded worldwide. Both the PurFlock® Ultra and HydraFlock® swabs are used in viral and bacterial transport systems
Posted: 2013-06-17 C

New Molecular Amplification Test: illumigene® Mycoplasma, FDA Cleared

Requiring no capital equipment the illumigene Mycoplasma test from Meridian Bioscience can be used on throat and nasopharyngeal swab samples.
Posted: 2013-06-11 C

ELITech Launches New Generation of Slide-staining Instruments

Aerospray Aerospray® slide stainers are now easier to use with large touch screen, barcode reader and traceability of reagent data, specimen ID, user ID, and cycle operation history.
Posted: 2013-06-10 C V

Information Management System Speeds Sample Storage

Track-IT is a unique out-of-the-box LIMS/LIS solution designed to enable laboratories to organize and securely track their storage tubes and samples in mere seconds.
Posted: 2013-06-10 C F O P

Lab M Launches µPREP™ Buffered Peptone Water (ISO)

New line of bagged, sterile dehydrated microbiological culture media made ready to use simply by adding water, designed primarily for high throughput labs for speed, convenience, reliability and cost-effectiveness
Posted: 2013-06-10 C W

Roche Award Winning Lab IT Solution Launched in the UK

Software application enables pathology departments to link multiple lab equipment systems and software, from one or more sites for fully automated workflow management and reporting solution.
Posted: 2013-06-04 C

Arcolectric Offer Range of Electrical Switches with BioCote Coating

A range of switches and covers with built in BioCote antimicrobial technology, providing integral protection from a wide range of micro-organisms.
Posted: 2013-05-27 C F O P

TSC Swab Sampling Kits - for those Hard to Reach Places

Enviroscreen Swab Sampling Kits contain a 15cm (6 inch) flexible swab designed to assist food operators comply with EU regulation no. 2073/2005.
Posted: 2013-05-27 C F O P

Proven Autoclave Design a Long Runner

Top loading autoclave Top-loading laboratory autoclaves are the longest serving stalwarts of the Priorclave steam steriliser range, a 100 litre model being the first produced and to leave the company's factory in 1988 when it started trading, and through dedicated
Posted: 2013-05-27 C F O P V W

New aCOLyte 3, Affordable, Automated Colony Counter

Low-cost automated colony counter, designed for a rapid count of pour, spread and spiral plates, plates reads of up to 90mm in seconds, generating precise plate count results up to ten times faster than manual counts.
Posted: 2013-05-14 C F O P

CE Mark for ReLASV® Antigen Rapid Test for Diagnosis of Lassa Fever

Point-of-care diagnostic test enables rapid detection of deadly Lassa viral hemorrhagic fever and related bioterrorism threat.
Posted: 2013-05-13 C F

Online Tool Checks Automated Workflow Before Installation

Thermo Scientific iAutomate™, free on-line tool designed to reduce the time associated with configuring and trialling an automation set-up - video demonstration available.
Posted: 2013-05-07 C F O P

Ultra Compact 0.50ml Tube Saves Valuable Storage Space

The ultra-compact design of the Octygen tubes at just 25.6mm tall to deliver 475µl working volume uses only 60% of the space that competitive 0.50ml 96-well format screw cap tubes use to store the same volume.
Posted: 2013-05-07 C F O P

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