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22nd May 2020  Content supplied by: Microgenetics

Challenges of Environmental Monitoring: Scale-up with SmartControl

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an unprecedented demand for labs around the world to produce a vaccine fast, which has put enormous pressure on facilities to push the boundaries and scale-up at an unforeseen rate.

Developing enough vaccines to meet future demand, whilst also maintaining regulation, may already be presenting a considerable challenge to vaccine developers, for whom there is an incredibly low tolerance for contaminants in labs. The process of environmental monitoring is essential to identify if this tolerance has been breached, and in some labs, remains a manual process through the use of paper, Excel or other legacy systems.

In labs using these legacy systems, many risks are involved in the environmental monitoring process, many linked to human error and can result in missed limit breaches. Multiple manual transcription stages, reliance on human memory and pressure if the lab has a high-throughput all lead to difficulty in maintaining data integrity and ultimately, a lack of trust in data.

This pressure and risk, of course, would be increased for facilities rapidly scaling- up, where pressure on staff is even higher. With developing something as important as the COVID-19 vaccine, labs need to have trust in their data to ensure patient safety, which is where software solutions such as Microgenetics’ SmartControl can help.

Microgenetics have developed SmartControl as an intuitive, risk-reducing software after identifying that there are a number of shortcomings with current manual environmental monitoring methods.

From start to finish, SmartControl helps labs to be more efficient, compliant and smart; entering a sample takes just 5 seconds, powerful analysis is at your fingertips and notification of limit breaches is instant, so any issues can be resolved before there is any risk to a patient.

Being a paperless system, manual processes are minimised, helping labs to meet MHRA data integrity guidance and re-gain trust in your data, all whilst saving time and administration effort. SmartControl is a cloud-based system meaning your data is secure and instantly accessible to multiple users.

In addition to this, SmartControl comes equipped with a high-resolution photo booth, so that images can be taken of each plate as part of a robust audit trail. SmartControl could be a significant benefit to rapidly expanding facilities trying to manufacture a new vaccine, by accelerating response to and identification of contamination, whilst saving time.

Microgenetics are currently offering SmartControl free of charge for a 12-month period to facilities involved in the fight against COVID-19. If you are interested, contact info@microgenetics.co.uk



Date Published: 22nd May 2020

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