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29th July 2014  Content supplied by: Celsis Rapid Detection

Celsis and Unilever Win Award for Rapid Product Release

Unilever and Celsis International have been awarded the Supply & Demand Chain Executive (SDCE) Top 100 Award 2014, given to companies that successfully execute innovative, transformative supply chain projects that deliver bottom-line value to the organization.

Unilever and Celsis partnered to execute a Unilever initiative to streamline its supply chain by standardizing microbiological testing and release protocols worldwide at over 40 manufacturing sites in nearly 30 countries. Using the Celsis Advance™ system with AMPiScreen™ reagent assay, Unilever manufacturing sites were able to cut their micro hold time from seven days down to 24 hours, significantly reducing their production cycles.

“The global implementation of AMPiScreen at Unilever manufacturing enables our supply chain to have one global test method for rapid product release of home and personal care formulations,” said Deidre Mitchell, Manager Development Microbiology at Unilever.

Implementation was strategically managed and executed by a team of Unilever and Celsis representatives ensuring each site released products on Celsis AMPiScreen as efficiently as possible, minimizing any potential disruptions to the supply chain.

Mitchell added, “Our factories are seeing the benefits of a using a rapid microbiological quality test method to obtain reliable data within 24 hours as opposed to waiting a full seven days with traditional test methods. It allows us to be fully confident in the data we generate to indicate our products meet our quality standards before we release them into the market place.”

The partnership continues as Unilever now also uses the Celsis system for testing at additional points in the supply chain to confirm the incoming quality of strategic, microbiologically-sensitive ingredients, further streamlining their production efficiency.

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Date Published: 29th July 2014

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