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26th June 2017  Content supplied by: bioMérieux (Industry)

bioMérieux’s Updated Food Microbiology Pathway

bioMérieux will showcase the updated Food Microbiology Pathway. Featured in the bioMérieux booth will be our latest solutions for simplifying your lab's workflow, increasing efficiency and reliability, and adding confidence to your quality control testing. Visit our microsite

  • Join bioMérieux for the 16th Annual Scientific Symposium at IAFP 2017: “Validation and Verification in the FSMA Era” on Monday, July 10, 2017 at 6:00 pm, Tampa Convention Center.See the agenda
  • Discover the 2017 symposium featured speakers: Dr. Robert Brackett, Institute of Food Science and Health; Melody Thompson, Cargill; Robin Forgey, Costco; Erin Crowley, Q Laboratories; Moderator: Joy Dell'Aringa, bioMérieux. Pre-Register now
  • Validation and Verification in the FSMA Era - Prevention of food safety issues is the central tenant of the FSMA. Core to prevention in the production of food products is the use of processes verified to control pathogens. Verifying process kill steps has been challenging. Validated methods for microbial detection have always been important, but never more so than in today's global food marketplace. Read more..
  • Posters & Round Tables - Don’t wait to see bioMérieux posters & round tables. See the list

See you at IAFP 2017! Be sure to visit our booth to discuss your challenges in lean laboratory management, best practices in training, and approaches to accreditation. Find out more



Date Published: 26th June 2017

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