Puritan Enviromax and ESK for Surface Sampling

BioLumix has Over 400 Rapid Microbiology Systems in use

BioLumix Rapid System

Automate Microbiology Testing with
BioLumix Rapid System.

BioLumix dramatically improves turn-around time for customers using its Validated, Automated Microbiology System.


The BioLumix System is designed to accelerate product release with a simplified, automated approach. This yields fast, accurate, real-time results while reducing costs. No more waiting days for completed assays. The system brings automated microbiology testing in house, with most assay results achieved overnight. It is simple enough to be operated by a non-microbiologist, providing accurate data of raw materials, environmental samples and finished products.

Over 400 BioLumix Rapid Microbiology Systems are in use for testing raw materials, finished products, including foods, dairy products, powders, oils, enzymes, botanical material, tablets, capsules, and liquids easily and without product interference. With automated monitoring of ready-to-use assay vials and automated data processing and archiving (paperless), the microbiologist's job got a lot easier with the same accurate results in less than half the time!

TIME IS MONEY. Integrate the BioLumix System and begin to un-lock the QC bottleneck. With BioLumix you can apply “multiple days saved” and impact real profit drivers, such as:

  • Cost savings as a result of early detection
  • Reduced time for product release
  • Lower headcount and/or less expensive staff costs
  • Lower re-processing fees
  • Reduction in plant downtime
  • Increased production yields
  • Reduced raw materials, in-process, and finished products inventory holding costs
  • Reduction in back orders
  • Increased production flexibility
  • Potential improvement to cash flow and receivables as customer shipments are sent sooner
  • Better protection of company image. . . and more.

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Date Published: January 14, 2013 » company contact details
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