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22nd April 2014  Content supplied by: Bactest Limited

Ballast Water Testing Using Speedy Breedy

BACTEST has upgrades available for the Speedy Breedy to enable it to test for contamination in Ballast Water in accordance with the Ballast Water Treatment Performance Standard (D2) as set out by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

The new features enable Speedy Breedy to test for the three bacteria as set out in the D2 standard, Vibrio (Cholera), E. coli and Enterococcus, to enumerate contamination in CFUs (colony forming units) and then to pasteurise the sample so that it can be disposed of as regular waste.

Bactest CEO Prof. Annie Brooking said “There are thousands of ships that over the next few years will be required to test Ballast Water prior to its discharge. Over 8000 ships visit the USA alone every year. These new features enable Speedy Breedy to be used on land or at sea to test that Ballast Water can be safely discharged into our seas and oceans. We have added a pasteurisation process to the Ballast Water Protocol which means that if Speedy Breedy detects any of the D2 trio the culture vessel is decontaminated so it can be disposed of safely as normal waste”.

Speedy Breedy is used to determine sterility or contamination in a wide range of applications that include manufacture of ice cream, paint, meat products, beer, milk and juice. Speedy Breedy tests for contamination in a wide range of samples including potable water, ballast water, stem cells, donor organs, semen and blood. Swabs used in environmental testing can also be tested for sterility using Speedy Breedy.



Date Published: 22nd April 2014

Source article link: Bactest Limited

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