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28th March 2017  Content supplied by: Avista Pharma Solutions

Avista Pharma Expands Microbiology Contract Testing Facilities

Avista Pharma Solutions, Inc. have completed the $4 million expansion of its 26,000-square foot contract testing facility in Agawam, Massachusetts. For over 30 years, the Agawam site has provided superior service to pharmaceutical and medical device clients, and as part of an ongoing initiative, these facility and technology upgrades will enable Avista Pharma to deliver additional microbiology, sterility testing, and microbial ID service offerings.

As the result of Avista Pharma’s 2016 capital investment, the improved facility has 4,200 square feet of additional space, featuring a new microbiology laboratory as well as a modular cleanroom area which houses isolator technology and an ISO 6 cleanroom used for sterility testing of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and biologics. In addition, the laboratory support division has implemented new pass-through autoclaves and labware processing technologies that streamline workflow and complement Avista Pharma’s extensive suite of microbiology services.

The facility’s full range of comprehensive services will continue to include:

  • Raw material and finished product release testing
  • ICH stability and storage
  • Container closure integrity testing (CCIT)
  • Water system testing and validation
  • Cleanroom monitoring and risk assessments
  • Microbial identification via both MicroSEQ®ID (rapid 16S rDNA sequencing) and Vitek®MS (MALDI-TOF)
  • Mycoplasma testing
  • Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing (AET)
  • Microbial Enumeration Testing (MET)
  • Endotoxin and bioburden testing
  • Disinfectant efficacy qualifications


Date Published: 28th March 2017

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