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3rd March 2016  Content supplied by: Pall Corporation

Assess Alicyclobacillus Contamination in 2 to 3 h with GeneDisc® Method

Pall has released a new GeneDisc technology application for the relative quantification of Alicyclobacillus. and the four main Alicyclobacillus spoiler strains in filterable samples within 2 to 3 hours.

Ingredient and beverage industries can achieve higher profitability with this new informative protocol enabling effective decision making with early in-process controls at critical points of production flow:

  • Highly contaminated products can be diverted in real time for further processing to eliminate or reduce the risk to an acceptable level
  • Efficacy of countermeasure for TAB contamination reduction can be evaluated
  • Final product contamination can be quantified

Combined with already available protocols for detection of TAB Spoilage, the GeneDisc method is a complete and flexible tool for controlling beverage processes impacted by Alicyclobacillus contamination.

Quantification: Confirm relative Alicyclobacillus level in filterable samples in as fast as 2 to 3 hours

Detection: Detect the presence of over 200 Alicyclobacillus strains in filterable and unfilterable samples using this highly sensitive test

Identification: Individually and simultaneously identify the four specific Alicyclobacillus species most often associated with spoilage including A. acidoterrestris, A. acidophilus, A. cycloheptanicus, A. herbarius



Date Published: 3rd March 2016

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