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19th May 2020  Content supplied by: BIOTECON Diagnostics GmbH

Applying Our PCR Expertise in the Fight Against SARS-CoV-2

Since the onset of the pandemic outbreak, our team has worked hard to adapt its operations in response to such an unexpected and extreme situation. We have conjured up all of our resources and know-how to be able to help support the urgent need for lab testing by supplying viral extraction and COVID-19 detection kits at just the right time.

It has long been our mission to produce tests that quickly and reliably detect unwanted pathogens in food and beverages. Due to current circumstances, the focus has temporarily shifted, but our philosophy remains the same: testing is of utmost importance, especially now if we are to curb the spread of the coronavirus. While food and beverage testing remains our core business, we are also pleased to be able to apply our products and services to a worthy cause right now.

A couple of months ago, we launched our Magnetic Preparation Kit VI ahead of schedule to enable lab specialists in urgent times to perform the most rapid, sensitive and reliable form of viral RNA extraction. Originally developed for veterinary diagnostics, the new viral extraction kit offers the possibility to isolate highly purified RNA/DNA quickly, safely and in high volumes. Designed for automated high-throughput extraction with instruments such as the KingFisherTM Flex and the RoboPrep 32, it can process large sample quantities in short timeframes.

As the latest addition to a whole coronavirus product portfolio we have aimed at expanding the availability of diagnostic testing, we recently launched our own microproof® SARS-CoV-2 Screening/Identification Kits. The kits, which are developed and manufactured at our production facilities in Germany, are available immediately for purchase and can be distributed globally. Our high-performing kits work hand-in-hand with our rapid viral RNA extraction kits to accurately detect the SARS-CoV-2 virus and therefore support mass diagnostic efforts.

Furthermore, our agreements with various partners for increased supplies of extraction/detection kits means we are well-equipped to deal with the tremendous influx of COVID-19 testing demands. This also applies to the corresponding automation instruments, which we are also delivering to all global markets. Our three-step procedure for all our coronavirus kits is simple and quick to implement and we provide all necessary material under one roof for a complete detection workflow, including the swab kits.

During such hardships and challenging times as these, we would like to show our respect and voice our admiration for all the medical professionals, law enforcement personnel, supermarket employees, truck drivers and many others working tirelessly to ensure the health, well-being and safety of civilians. We are particularly grateful to the large number of employees in our field of work. Lab technicians have been analyzing thousands of samples daily for the coronavirus as quickly as possible, in order to keep positive cases under quarantine. We, at BIOTECON Diagnostics, are pleased to be able to make a small, yet much-needed, contribution with our products.

Our kits have already helped a great number of labs alleviate their bottleneck situations. Carrying out regular tests on as many people as possible is what needs to continue to happen right now. This is precisely what has helped certain countries get the situation under control quicker than others. By swiftly identifying infected individuals in society and isolating them immediately, we’ll be able to continue to slow down the spread.

We look forward to better times ahead, and in the meantime, we all just have to persevere and do our part in the fight against the coronavirus.



Date Published: 19th May 2020

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