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24th May 2016  Content supplied by: Crystal Diagnostics

AOAC PTM for 15 Hours Sample to Result Salmonella Test

Crystal Diagnostics (CDx) Xpress System, is a rapid and sensitive food pathogen detection platform that has received AOAC-PTM Certifications for Salmonella on whole uncut tomatoes and whole chicken rinsate when present at levels of 1 colony-forming unit per sample.

The CDx Xpress System combines proprietary liquid crystal technology with antibody-coated paramagnetic microspheres to selectively capture and detect Salmonella from food matrices, faster than other commercial systems.

CDx previously announced that it had been accredited by AOAC for detection of E. coli O157 and and the “Big 6” STECs. According to CDx President and CEO Jim Bruce, “The Company is quickly expanding our portfolio of target pathogens and food types with our rapid and accurate liquid crystal biosensors. We expect to have AOAC accreditation for Listeria in June and many more accreditations by year end.”

Jay Hardy, Founder of Hardy Diagnostics, the national distributor of Crystal Diagnostics’ products in the USA said, “A 15-hour sample-to-result Salmonella test was unimaginable just a year ago. To be able to offer this unique detection system incorporating such speed and accuracy keeps our customers on the leading edge of food safety technology.”

The Company expects an AOAC certified 12-hour Salmonella test by year end, covering a wide range of food types.




Date Published: 24th May 2016

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