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Amplidiag® Easy Multiplex PCR Direct from Stools Now CE-IVD Labelled

Amplidiag® Easy, from Mobidiag Ltd. is a proprietary system allowing nucleic acid extraction and PCR setup directly from stool samples is now CE-IVD marked. The Amplidiag® Easy provides users with an automated solution accelerating the sample to result time. As the system runs directly from stool primary sample tubes to PCR setup, no manual intervention is required. Moreover, the Amplidiag® Analyzer software can transfer data directly between the Amplidiag® Easy and PCR instruments simplifying greatly the overall workflow.


Multiplex PCR platform for gastrointestional pathogens
Amplidiag® Easy workflow - Automated nucleic acid extraction and PCR setup directly from stool samples

The platform is specifically designed for and compatible with Mobidiag ́s Amplidiag® product line, a suite of IVD tests for gastrointestinal infections (see full list:

“Amplidiag® Easy sets a new standard for multiplex assays in gastrointestinal infections as it allows labs to overcome their main challenges: improve cost-efficiency by reducing hands-on-time and increase sample throughput with automation. In that perspective, we are very pleased to see the adoption of our first platform by the renowned Finnish lab Yhtyneet Medix Laboratoriot for their routine diagnostic screen” said Tuomas Tenkanen, CEO at Mobidiag.

Products include - Bacterial GE, Viral GE, CarbaR+VRE, H..pylori+ClariR, Stool Parasites, C.difficle+027 for full details - download product brochure here.

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Date Published: January 24, 2017

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