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27th August 2019  Product update: Paul Carton

All-in-One Kits and Software for Characterizing Microbiome Populations to Strain Level

Lyse, purify, amplify, the patent pending microbiome research technologies from Shoreline Biome, that characterize microbiome populations down to the strain level, are now available to customers outside the US. Alongside Shoreline Biome’s recent partnership with international distributors they have set up an e-commerce website to enable faster and easier ways for their US and future international customers to buy their products.

Focused on chacracterizing the human microbiome and analysing its role in human health and disease Shoreline Biome was founded by biochemist Mark Driscoll and genomics expert Thomas Jarvie. The two scientists had met whilst working for 454 life sciences in Branford Connecticut. The 454 next generation sequencing platform was a huge success and was bought over by Roche in 2013 and subsequently moved to Silicon Valley. However Driscoll and Jarvie decided to stay and set up a business in the University of Conneticut’s Farrington labs. The business idea was to solve a problem many researchers had found difficult, to break open cell walls of pathogens that don’t open by conventional methods and to then identify their genomes.

At the recent ASM Microbe in San Francisco, Shoreline Biome introduced their new ‘Shoreline Complete’ which is now available to buy online via their e-commerce site and available to customers outside the US with their international partnerships.  These kits can range from $400- $1925 and are heralded by Shoreline to be the fastest and easiest way for lysis extraction and high fidelity amplification. The kits are tailored to work on the Illumina and PacBio sequencers.

Shoreline Complete all-in-one, easy-to-use microbiome assay kits are available for purchase at www.shorelinebiome.com/shop/



Date Published: 27th August 2019

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