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AES Water Solutions to Use RAPID-B for Oil and Gas Microbiology

Vivione Biosciences Inc. has sold the first of multiple RAPID-B systems for oilfield applications to AES Water Solutions. AES Water Solutions has deployed the RAPID-B system to its Eagle Ford and Permian Basins oil and gas operations to assess bacteria in pond, frac, and flow back water.

RAPID-B answers the energy industry's need for a rapid, cost effective, onsite system that accurately enumerates the viable bacteria present in a fluid sample within 20 minutes of taking the sample. The RAPID-B system can provide valuable information that helps the operator treat each individual fluid source across the entire life span of a well; beginning with the drilling process and continuing on through the fracing, production and post-production cycles.



Tags: Oil and Gas Production

Date Published: January 20, 2015

Source article link: Vivione Biosciences » company contact details
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