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30th September 2014  Content supplied by: Luminex Corporation

Adenovirus, E. histolytica and V. cholerae Added to xTAG® Panel

Luminex Corporation has received U.S. FDA clearance to add three new targets to its xTAG® Gastrointestinal Pathogen Panel (GPP). The targets include Adenovirus 40/41, Entamoeba histolytica and Vibrio cholerae. In addition, FDA has now cleared xTAG GPP for use with specimens in Cary-Blair medium, a common transport medium for collection and preservation of microbiological specimens. This comprehensive syndromic panel tests for more than 90% of bacterial, viral, and parasitic causes of infectious gastroenteritis in a single molecular test.

"xTAG GPP helps me quickly identify the causes of gastroenteritis by testing for viruses, bacteria and parasites in one test," said Dr. Anami Patel, Director at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital.  "Additionally, I have the flexibility to tailor the xTAG GPP test to physician orders which is useful for customizing the panel to different patient populations.  Because I can process many samples at one time with the scalable format of xTAG GPP, I can be more efficient in my laboratory testing meeting increased demand when necessary which is especially important in outbreak situations."

As the first multiplexed U.S. IVD cleared test for infectious gastroenteritis, xTAG GPP simultaneously detects 14 common viral, bacterial, and parasitic causative pathogens from a single patient sample. By testing for greater than 90% of the causative pathogens of infectious gastroenteritis in a single test, clinicians can more quickly identify and treat the causative agent. Additionally co-infections can be more easily identified.

Simultaneous molecular testing on a single sample within a single shift also provides significant benefits to laboratories in terms of workflow and resource utilization. The ability to scale throughput by processing 96-well plates allows laboratories to easily tailor their sample processing to physician demand.

Luminex will be featuring xTAG GPP at Infectious Disease Week, IDSA Annual Meeting, October 8–12 in Philadelphia, PA, Booth #522. For more information on xTAG GPP, please visit Luminex's website at www.luminexcorp.com



Date Published: 30th September 2014

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