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Actero™ EZE-USE Dry Media Bag is Food Safety, Simplified

Depend on the Actero™ Brand of Enrichment Media Products to Deliver High Quality, Reliable Performance with Time and Cost Savings.

  • Actero™ EZE-USE Dry Media Bag contains high quality, pre-measured and sterilized enrichment media powder that greatly reduces the typical steps and glassware required in traditional media preparation.
  • Actero™ EZE-USE Dry Media Bag is available in the enrichment mediums of Buffered Peptone Water ISO, Demi-Fraser, Phosphate Buffer, and the patented Actero™ Elite Listeria Enrichment Media. 
  • Convenient - All Actero™ EZE-USE Dry Media Bags come with a 0.2 micron quick connect filter that easily snaps on for less handling and are available in two convenient sizes that make 5L or 20L of medium.
  • Quick - Just add deionized water to the sterile medium, shake the bag to mix and your enrichment media is ready to use. It’s that simple!
  • Space saving - The enrichment mediums are in a compact powder format and packaged in a flat bag to reduce storage requirements.
  • Cost effective - Less time in labor and less shipping costs.

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Date Published: 3rd December 2018

Source article link: FoodChek Systems Inc.

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