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14th February 2023  Content supplied by: Microgenetics

3 Ways SmartControl EM Will Help You Save Time Analysing and Reporting EM Results

We've spoken to plenty of Quality professionals who name analysis and reporting as one of their most time consuming tasks when it comes to environmental monitoring.

That’s why dedicated environmental monitoring software, SmartControl EM, has been designed to streamline your EM process and take away some of your most time-consuming, manual tasks. Here’s how.

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Build trust in your data
How many times do you re-transcribe data throughout your EM process, or move it between systems?

Not only does this add time to your environmental monitoring process, but unless you use your original data for analysis and reporting, you're likely breaking the ALCOA+ principles of data integrity. If this is the case, can you be confident that your data is accurate? Probably not.

With SmartControl EM, you'll analyse and report on the records you originally collect. You can therefore be confident in the accuracy of your analysis and reporting, plus use your time more efficiently.

No more manual sifting through spreadsheets for trends
Unlike human operators, SmartControl EM is always looking at your data. It transforms trending from a time consuming task to one with instant notifications and a filterable log of all your trends, so you can act sooner.

Each facility defines trends differently, so you can set your own trend criteria. When met, you and your team will receive the notification via email and within SmartControl EM.

Watch our video here to learn more about trends in SmartControl EM.

Meaningful visualisations at the click of a button
Some facilities have a full-time Microbiologist looking over reams of data to try and pull out insight for regular reports. How much time could SmartControl EM save your team if you could automatically generate recuring reports in a matter of seconds instead?

The SmartControl EM analysis tools will also help you get the information you need quickly and easily, in a range of suitable formats. All to help you identify problems sooner.

Ready to see SmartControl EM in action?

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Date Published: 14th February 2023

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