Upcoming Microbiology Events : pharmaceutical , 2020-05

Recombinant Chromogenic Assays As Alternate Methods For The Bacterial Endotoxins Test (BET)

: 1 May 2020

: Boston, United States

Sector: Pharmaceutical Type: Workshop

Summary : Delivered by Veronika Wills, Manager, Technical Services, Associates of Cape Cod, this workshop will provide an in-depth overview of the use of synthetic (non-animal based) reagents for bacterial endotoxin testing. more...

European Microbiology Conference

: 6 May 2020 - 7 May 2020

: Barcelona, Spain

Sector: Pharmaceutical Type: Conference

Summary : This event offers you a unique possibility to understand, ongoing regulatory requirements and the development of microbiological methods for quality and process control as well as learning from recent experiences in microbial contamination control. more...