Upcoming Microbiology Events : clinical , 2019-06

SAMPS Sales and Marketing Professionals in Science

: 17 Jun 2019 - 18 Jun 2019

: Gothenburg, Sweden

Sector: Clinical, Pharmaceutical Type: Conference

Summary : A dynamic 24 hour conference with ‘TED talk style’ 20 minute presentations and discussions during the day to enable you to understand how people are navigating sales and marketing challenges in the scientific markets. more...

CHI's Biodefense World Summit 2019

: 17 Jun 2019 - 19 Jun 2019

: Bethesda, United States

Sector: Clinical, Laboratory Equipment, Pharmaceutical Type: Conference

Summary : Hear case studies on pathogen detection, point-of-care, biosurveillance, sample prep technologies, and bio recovery.  more...

Sales and Marketing Professionals in Scientific Research - SAMPS 2019

: 17 Jun 2019 - 18 Jun 2019

: Goethernburg, Sweden

Sector: Clinical, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical Type: Conference

Summary : SAMPS is an association uniquely designed for people in commercial roles in Life and Material Sciences and associated organisations. It was formed in 2018 as the European branch of SAMPS formerly ACP-LS which has enjoyed 6 successful years in the more...

ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Section 7 - Process Requirements and Section 8

: 20 Jun 2019

: Webinar

Sector: Clinical, Pharmaceutical Type: Webinar

Summary : How does the new standard impact upon laboratories that are already accredited? and how can you ensure staff adherence and ongoing compliance to minimize corrective actions arising from accreditation audits? more...

From Paper to Paperless-Tackling the 21CFR11 Challenge

: 26 Jun 2019

: Webinar

Sector: Clinical, Other, Pharmaceutical Type: Webinar

Summary : With the MHRA and FDA discouraging the paper trail how can you meet the 21CFR11 challenge?  Particle Measuring Systems bring you this useful Webinar.  more...