Upcoming Microbiology Events : clinical , 2019-01

Performing In-Depth Microbiome Analysis with the One Codex Bioinformatics Platform

: 2 Jan 2019 - 31 Jan 2019

: Webinar

Sector: Clinical, Food & Beverage, Other, Veterinary Type: Webinar

Summary : On-Demand Webinar Webinar Speakers - Nick Greenfield, CEO & Founder - One Codex Microbiome research is quickly becoming one of the most exciting fields in the life sciences, driven by the power of next-generation sequencing more...

Do You Make These [Simple Mistakes] In Water System Mythology?

: 15 Jan 2019

: Webinar

Sector: Clinical, Pharmaceutical Type: Conference

Summary : In this webinar a number of water system myths will be discussed that are related to microbial control approaches as well as microbial monitoring. more...