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XIX Workshop on Rapid Methods and Automation in Food Microbiology (MRAMA) 

: 24 Nov 2020 - 27 Nov 2020

: Barcelona, Spain

Sector: Food & Beverage

Type: Conference

The XIX Workshop on Rapid Methods and Automation in Food Microbiology (MRAMA) DYCFung memorial is designed for: Directors and Technicians of Industries, Consultants, Food and Feed Laboratories, and other sectors (Microbiological, Biotechnological, Clinical, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Chemical, Environmental, etc.)


This year's workshop features the following speakers/lectures:

  • Dr. José Juan Rodríguez Jerez (UAB): Overview on rapid methods, automation and miniaturization in microbiology
  • Dr. Armand Sánchez Bonastre (UAB): Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and massive genome sequencing applied to food safety
  • Ms. Sara García-Gurtubay (Compliance&Values, Leioa, Vizcaya): Don't know much (micro)biology... but, what do you know about legal responsibility in food industries?
  • Dr. Johanna Björkroth (University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland): Contamination routes, and adaptation and growth of spoilage bacteria associated with meat processing
  • Safety assurance and spoilage minimisation:
  • Milk industry: Ms. Carmen Madera González (CAPSA, Siero, Asturias)
  • Plant-based beverages industry: Ms. Andrea Eguíluz Girauta (Liquats Vegetals, Viladrau, Girona)
  • Fruit juices and nectars, and soft drinks industries: Ms. Alba González Orellana (Suntory Beverage & Food Europe, Tordera, Barcelona) and Dr. Raúl Jesús Mesa González (Coca-Cola European Partners, Martorelles, Barcelona)
  • Bottled water industry: Mr. Jorge Ferri Díaz (Aguas de Cortes, Cortes de Arenoso, Castellón)
  • Dr. Sara Bover Cid (IRTA, Monells, Girona): How to minimise the risk associated with Listeria monocytogenes? Efficacy of risk management strategies
  • Mr. David Tomás Fornés (WG ISO/CEN microbiological methods standardisation, Valencia): Has a microbiological method been well implemented in my laboratory? Verification according to ISO 16140-3. Practical examples

3-day laboratory sessions:

  • sample preparation and plating
  • rapid viable cell count methods
  • environmental control
  • chromogenic culture media
  • miniaturization
  • diagnostic kits
  • methods based on ATP – bioluminescence, colorimetry, others
  • immunological detection methods (ELISA/ELFA, latex agglutination, lateral immunomigration, immunoprecipitation)
  • molecular detection methods (other than PCR)


  • COVID-19 lessons learning in the food industry (SGS ICS Ibérica)
  • Hazard identification in GFSI schemes from the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) view (Intertek Ibérica Spain)
  • Microbiological risks in HACCP systems? At last, identify them properly at your company! (Imagining Management Systems)
  • Use of internet for applications of predictive microbiology (Barcelona Public Health Agency)

And also:

2 open discussions (Safety assurance and spoilage minimisation / Instrumentation, world trade trends, other current topics)

Exhibits from 12 microbiology companies: Bioser, BioSystems, BIOTECON Diagnostics, Bruker Española, Condalab, GenoChem World – HiMedia Laboratories, IUL, LGC Standards, Premiumlab, Quimivita, Raypa, Thermo Fisher Diagnostics




Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Phone: +34-93-5811446
Email: josep.yuste@uab.cat
Visit: http://jornades.uab.cat/workshopmrama/en

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