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Understanding and Implementing an Effective Laboratory Quality Management System - Webinar

2018, April 2

Clinical, Pharmaceutical » Conference

Part 1
QMS is the catch phrase for accreditation and is the backbone of ISO/IEC Standard 17025: The Quality System Manual (QSM) is the bible in a QMS environment because, much like its predecessor, Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), it contains the policies that the laboratory is expected to follow to achieve quality results.
Part 2
Many laboratories regard Quality Assurance, Quality Assessment and Quality Control as independent activities, others use the terms interchangeably, e.g. QA/QC. This demonstrates a lack of appreciation of the differences between Assurance, Assessment and Control, as well as the interrelationships, particularly between QA and QC.

Part 1
• Policies vs. Procedures
• Documents vs. Records
• The importance of the KISS principle
• The devil’s in the details
Part 2
• Technical Requirements of a QMS
• Method Selection
• Validation and Verification
• Ensuring analytical competency
• Laboratory Management/Supervision
• Laboratory Quality Development
• Laboratory Quality Management
• Laboratory Quality Control
• Analytical support

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