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Principles & Practices of Biosafety - San Diego, CA

2016, February 21 - 26 @ 08:00 - 17:00

Clinical, Other » Training, Workshop

A Comprehensive, Interactive 5-Day Course Principles & Practices of Biosafety will introduce the essential elements of biosafety and provide extensive resource lists for use after the course. Interactive exercises will be used throughout to provide hands-on experience and to encourage networking and problem-solving among participants and instructors. Sessions begin at 8:00 am each day and end with a roundtable discussion between 5:15 and 5:30 pm with two coffee breaks and lunch provided. The Friday session will end at approximately 3:00 pm

Objectives At the end of the course each participant will be able to:

  • Describe potentially hazardous biological materials, the risks associated with their use, and the means to minimize risk and to protect against or prevent release or exposure
  • Discuss ways to provide effective technical expertise in situations involving potentially hazardous biological materials
  • Identify, locate, and efficiently use key biosafety resources


San Diego, CA
United States


American Biological Safety Association
Phone: +[1] 847 949 1517
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