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Moist Heat Sterilization Week - Bethesda, MD

2016, July 28 - 29

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PDA's Moist Heat Sterilization Week, July 28-29, will teach you how to fine tune cycles for optimum performance and qualification success and assess risk associated with cycle phases through two course offerings:

Steam Sterilizers: Getting it Right from the Beginning (July 28)

This comprehensive course will help you to enhance your quality systems by improving your company's sterile and aseptic operations as you qualify and validate your steam sterilizers. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:
• Design sterilization cycles appropriate for loads such as porous, hard goods and liquid
• Qualify steam sterilizers and ensure that a qualified status is maintained
• Discuss sterilization models and test for steam quality

Validation of Moist Heat Sterilization Processes: Cycle Design, Development, Validation and Ongoing Control (July 29)

This course, based on PDA's most popular sterilization reference, will provide you with a foundational understanding of sterilization science (microbiology and thermal science) that will then be applied in the selection of a cycle design approach, sterilization process development, process performance qualification and ongoing process control.


Bethesda, MD
United States


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