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Management of Aseptic Processing

2014, October 6 - 8

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International regulatory authorities are placing a heavy emphasis on aseptic processing, and it’s difficult to keep pace with what their expectations really are. Are you sure you know what ‘current’ Good Aseptic Practices are? Are you making sound decisions about your aseptic operation? PDA Training and Research Institute is announcing its newest course in the area of Aseptic Processing – Management of Aseptic Processing. This course will arm managers with the tools they need to make informed business decisions related to aseptically produced products, including selection of aseptic processing technologies, and sourcing decisions.

The instructors in this course will provide you with insight into current inspection trends so you can keep up with the moving target of cGMP. You’ll come away with an understanding of the spectrum of aseptic process designs and operations, and different risk management strategies that should be employed for the most effective cost benefit result. You’ll learn the science behind airflow, aseptic technique, human factors, personnel qualification and tools like smoke studies, media fills and risk assessments.

Do you have the right people in your organization? The right culture? How are you going to recognize the need for, implement, and manage changes within your organization? The course will provide you with the knowledge needed to evaluate investigations, and make informed, risk-based decisions regarding product disposition.

Make sure you and your company remain on the positive side of current and anticipated expectations in the industry by ensuring high quality products through sound scientific practices, good decision making, and an efficient and effective team.


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