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Human Microbiome and Implications for Contamination Control - Webinar

: 26 Jul 2018

Sector: Clinical, Pharmaceutical

Type: Training, Webinar

People are the biggest source of contamination in cleanrooms. The findings from the human microbiome project suggest an overview of controls is required. This presentation reviews the latest research into the human microbiome, especially in relation to the skin, and looks at the levels of controls and risks required, such as behaviors and gowning practices. The presentation also considers the impact of the knowledge on the use of environmental isolates for culture media testing and applied areas like disinfectant efficacy testing.

Objectives of the Presentation

  • To understand the latest research on the human microbiome
  • To learn about the reasons for microbial survival in people and in cleanrooms
  • To understand the types and ranges of microorganisms on human skin, and how these relate to objectionable organisms
  • Review staff gowning and personnel behavior in pharmaceutical cleanrooms
  • Consider good glove sanitization practices
  • Learn how cleanroom risk can be minimized
  • Review training for all cleanroom staff
  • Look at the use of environmental isolates for media and disinfectant efficacy testing
Why Should you Attend
To understand the complexities and challenges that people pose to cleanroom environments and to consider the controls required to minimize contamination impact.

Areas Covered
  • The human skin ecosystem
  • The Human Microbiome Project and the microorganisms found in association with both healthy and diseased humans. How the human microbiome research has impacted on cleanroom activities including gowning practices
  • Selection of cleanroom garments like fabric types, garment lifespan, recycling, laundering, human changing procedures, training, behavior, hand sanitization, ongoing assessments, and associated topics
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