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Hot Topics in Food Microbiology

: 19 Oct 2022

: Chipping Campden, United Kingdom

Sector : Food & Beverage

Type : Conference - In person

What’s hot in food microbiology? A unique opportunity to learn from experts in the food and drink industry about the current and future microbiology issues, from both a proactive and reactive perspective, affecting the safe production of food.

With food poisoning and spoilage costing the food industry a considerable amount, this year our popular annual conference addresses the practical considerations of food microbiology and safety using real-life scenarios. There will be opportunities for discussion on a wide range of microbiological matters with news and updates on food production related topics.

Through presentations from industry and academic experts, the conference will cover:

  • Salmonella – food safety handling practices
  • Plant-based foods – safety challenges
  • Public Health England – overview of outbreaks
  • Listeria – control in the food environment
  • Listeria – significance of the new species
  • Biofilms – inactivation within food processing environments
  • STEC in flour - current situation
  • Less than thoroughly cooked (LTTC) burgers - control of cooking

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Chipping Campden
United Kingdom


Campden BRI

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