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Hot Topics in Food Microbiology

: 18 Oct 2023

: Chipping Campden, United Kingdom

Sector : Food & Beverage

Type : Conference - In person

What’s hot in food microbiology? With food poisoning and spoilage costing the food industry a considerable amount each year, it is paramount for businesses to stay on top of current and emerging issues. The popular, annual ‘Hot Topics in Food Microbiology’ on-site conference is a unique and effective way to achieve this.

Industry experts will cover an assortment of topical subjects of importance and interest in the world of food microbiology and safety, including:

    Microbiology under the microscope – New trends, tools, and challenges
    Food safety challenges for plant-based ingredients
    The use of microbial profiling in the food industry
    The diversity of Campylobacter spp. throughout the poultry processing plant
    Survival mechanisms of Bacillus in food production environments
    The sources and transmission routes of microbial populations throughout a meat processing facility
    Vertical farming

Key benefits of attending
The event will put you ahead of the curve through cutting-edge content and many other opportunities and benefits.

There will be opportunities for discussion with speakers and food industry colleagues on a wide range of microbiological matters, including specific issues affecting you.

Alongside the excellent presentations from renowned experts in the field, the conference is uniquely effective for networking, knowledge sharing and keeping in touch with those who can support you.

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Chipping Campden
United Kingdom


Campden BRI

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