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Handling OOE and OOT Results - Prague, Czech Rep.

2016, November 14 - 15 @ 08:00 - 17:00

Pharmaceutical » Training

At this ECA OOE/OOT Training Course in Prague version 1 of our OOE-/ OOT-Laboratory Data Management Guidance will be presented and participants will have the opportunity to review and discuss the contents and technical aspects of the guidance document as well as looking at the scope and application of the proposed methods within industry .

The ECA QC Working Group’s goal is to have a basic global framework for OOT/OOE within R&D, production and QC laboratories which is acceptable to the authorities and adaptable for individual companies.

Target Group
This conference is intended for technical and managerial personnel dealing with out-of-trend or out-of expectation results, including R&D, production, analytical laboratories, contract laboratories, and Quality Assurance/Quality Control personnel.

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