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FEMS Conference on Microbiology 2020

: 2 Jul 2020 - 4 Jul 2020

: Begrade, Serbia

Sector: Clinical, Food & Beverage, Microbiome, Pharmaceutical

Type: Conference

FEMS, in association with the Serbian Society for Microbiology, invite you to the 1st FEMS Conference on Microbiology, the first of a biennial series.


This conference will provide all the benefits of an international microbiology conference with the accessibility of a small to middle-scaled, affordable, regional conference. It will showcase the most recent developments in microbiology and discuss related topics such as professional development and publishing.


Based on their experience with larger congresses, their growth and assessment of the needs of the FEMS Member Societies and other European microbiologists, FEMS are proud to have developed a new conference on microbiology. One of a small to medium size, happening in alternate years of the Congress of European Microbiologists and organized in close collaboration with the local microbiology society.


The programme will include:

  • Infections and control
  • Biotechnology and Food Microbiology
  • Pathogenicity, virulence
  • Biofilms and robustness
  • AMR, novel therapeutic agents
  • Microbiomes and human health
  • Environmental microbiology
  • FEMS Grants – Influence on scientific career of Early Career Scientists
  • Developments in publications – supported by FEMS Journals


FEMS is a pan-European scientific body campaigning to get science – and microbiology in particular – on the European agenda. It was set up in 1974 to promote microbiology across Europe, and today we are a growing coalition of 53 member societies from 38 countries. We bring together around 30,000 professional microbiologists who are exploring microbiology and its impact on the world, and we are working with similar organizations elsewhere to make our network global. Members can apply for grants and/or support when organizing a meeting. FEMS facilitates the exchange of scientific knowledge to all microbiologists in Europe and worldwide by publishing five microbiology journals and organizing a congress for microbiologists around the world.




Federation of European Microbiological Societies
Phone: +31-15-278 5604
Email: fems@fems-microbiology.org
Visit: http://www.fems-microbiology.org

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