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European Microbiology Conference 2023 and Workshop

: 27 Jun 2023 - 30 Jun 2023

: Heidelberg, Germany

Sector : Pharmaceutical

Type : Conference - In person, Workshop

The European Microbiology Conference of the ECA Academy in close collaboration with the ECA Pharmaceutical Microbiology Working Group has been an integral part of the European conference landscape.


  •     Requirements on Microbiological Laboratories – an Inspectors View
  •     Pyrogenicity – Pharmacopoeial Developments and Detection
  •     Contamination Control Strategies for Non-Sterile Products and more
  •     Rapid/Alternative Methods – Regulatory Expectations and practical Experiences
  •     Modern Culture Media – Properly Qualified
  •     Bioindicators
  •     USP Update

For the return to the present conference, on 27/28 June 2023 in Heidelberg, Germany, we have put together an interesting program that addresses various current topics e.g. alternative and rapid microbiological methods, new demands on culture media or pharmacopoeia developments, e.g. Pharm Eur pyrogenicity chapter and USP updates. The program will be rounded off by an after-conference workshop on the validation of microbiological methods using statistics on 29/30 June 2023.

Statistics for Microbiological Validation
After-Conference Workshop on 29/30 June 2023


  • Regulatory Background
  • Statistical Analysis in line with Guidelines
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Qualitative Methods
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