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Continental meats seminar

2014, June 24

Food » Training

Continental meats from Europe are well represented on today´s supermarket shelves. These products are quite different from traditional British meat products in terms of their manufacture and preservation. The microbial safety and stability, as well as the sensory and nutritional quality, of some rely on a combination of preservation methods known as a hurdle approach. Products such as dry cured hams require careful control of the drying process and other variables to ensure safety and quality.

This seminar will provide an opportunity to gain an understanding of the key processes and principles affecting the quality, safety and stability of many continental meats as well as an appreciation of key ingredients and casings, including:

  • An analysis of the continental meats marketplace in Great Britain
  • The production, quality and safety of dry cured meats
  • Safety, quality and regional variations in fermented meats
  • The role of starter cultures and cure ingredients
  • Understanding casings: using the correct casing for the product
  • Hot and cold smoking, smoke types, bacteriostatic effect


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