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Best Practices for Investigating Deviations - Webinar

2018, January 16

Pharmaceutical » Webinar

Deviation investigations are a very common topic to be reviewed during FDA investigations. Ensuring the firm has robust and complete write-ups of these situations is key to a successful audit. Having inadequate investigations could potentially cause some severe issues for the company and may sometimes result in warning letters, consent decrees or recalls.

Proper root cause analysis of the issue is necessary to make sure that the firm is focusing on the real problem and subsequently the proper corrective and preventative actions can begin.
This webinar will help attendees understand how to use root cause analysis tools and CAPA plans to successfully resolve deviations and non-conformances.

• Review of FDA and Regulatory Requirements for Investigations
• What is the definition of a Deviation?
• Types of Deviations/Identification of Deviations
• Conducting the Investigation
• Interviews – dos and don’ts
• Source Documents/Evidence
• Determining Root Cause and Effective/Sustainable CAPA to avoid 483 observations

• Discuss what to do when problems occur
• Outline the requirements of the Deviation and procedure including the deviation report
• Choose the most appropriate Root Cause Analysis methods for the situation
• Discuss how to conduct the deviation and the tools to be used in the process
• Review and discuss an example deviation using the tools suggested

Quality Assurance/Quality Control Directors, Managers, and Specialists
Regulatory Affairs/Regulatory Compliance Directors, Managers, and Specialists
Engineering/Development Directors, Managers, and Specialists

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