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Are Traditional Methods Putting Your Quality System at Risk? - Toronto, Canada

2018, June 5 @ 08:30 - 17:00

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Mitigating Risk with Rapid Methods - WebinarMitigating Risk with Rapid Methods

Today’s quality control microbiology labs are under tremendous pressure to release results faster, navigate data integrity spider webs, and minimize risk in the face of increasing regulatory scrutiny. Under these circumstances, it’s difficult to consider implementing new technology – and easy to overlook how automated or rapid instrumentation can alleviate all of these pressures. With the race to get effective drugs to market, evolving with new technology increases patient safety and streamlines manufacturing processes, giving progressive labs every possible advantage.

In order to ensure that labs have the latest knowledge to keep pace with regulation revisions, technology changes, and methods advances, Charles River Microbial Solutions are offering two options for their seminar, Mitigating Risk with Rapid Methods, on June 5-6 in Toronto. This seminar design is based on feedback from customers who want to drive change and innovation in their organization.

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