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An Introduction to Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) - Webinar

2015, April 8 @ 13:00 - 14:00

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The FDA's Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) regulations are what ultimately determine  whether your product will advance to the clinical stage, and thus, to market. Understanding  how GLP impacts your products and business is crucial to developing successful products.

If you and your colleagues are interested in learning how to use GLPs to make  a significant impact on your organization's research and compliance efforts, then  join us for this interactive 90-minute webinar:

Course Description:

This interactive, 90-minute session will give you a foundational understanding  of GLP, why it is important, and how to comply. By attending this session, you will  learn:

  • The bedrock principles that form GLP, why they are critical, and how to follow them
  • The ability to establish a GLP-compliant culture within your department or organization
  • How to recognize GLP deficiencies through the use of case studies and recent examples of official FDA findings
  • The regulations themselves – what you need to know

By the end of this session, you will feel confident enough in your knowledge  of GLP to make a significant impact on your organization's research and compliance  efforts.



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