Puritan Enviromax and ESK for Surface Sampling

CILS Labels Designed for Cryogenic Storage Vials

Computer Imprintable Label Systems (CILS) has launched a label specifically developed to survive the rigours of cryogenic storage and provide reliable identification.

The self-laminating cryogenic labels for vials and tubes are waterproof and can withstand multiple freeze-thaw cycles, harsh treatments and long-term storage in liquid nitrogen and ultra-low temperature freezers - even down to -196°C without detaching, cracking or fading.

The unique CILS construction ensures that the labels will also withstand water baths, solvents and abrasion. Labels can be computer imprinted using laser and thermal transfer printers or handwritten using a ballpoint pen or permanent marker.

Available as plain or pre-printed, CILS can provide customised cryo-labels in any size, shape and colour to your specification.

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Posted: November 8, 2005
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