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Spectra™ MRSA FDA Cleared to Detect MRSA Bloodstream Infections

Spectra™ MRSA has clearance from the FDA for the qualitative detection of MRSA from positive blood cultures demonstrating Gram-positive cocci on Gram stain. Spectra MRSA is the first and only chromogenic medium to offer results in 24 hours for both active surveillance of MRSA and the detection of MRSA from positive blood cultures.

The ability to rapidly differentiate bloodstream infections with MRSA is critical as it affects decisions on a patient's antibiotic therapy and treatment regimen. Spectra MRSA can detect MRSA bloodstream infections 24 hours faster than traditional methods to allow for more targeted treatment.

Visit www.remel.com/hai to learn more about Spectra™ MRSA and other solutions for Healthcare-Associated Infections.

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Posted: January 18, 2011
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