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Double Your Efficiency With the New Stuart® Dual Control Block Heater

Stuart dual control heater

Always ahead of the game, Bibby Sterilin has taken the laboratory block heater to new heights with the launch of its Stuart® dual control model. Unlike many other systems available, the new dual control version can be fitted with two different blocks at varying temperatures - both operating at the same time.

Precise and uniform temperatures of up to 130°C are set via simple-to-use push buttons which, together with a clear LED display, provide an ideal tool for procedures requiring heating to two different temperatures. Alternatively, two users can carry out completely dissimilar procedures simultaneously in the same block heater.

To cater for varied sizes and shapes of vessel, Bibby Sterilin offers a wide choice of blocks accommodating different capacities of test tubes, microcentrifuge tubes, and cuvettes. Such flexibility, combined with the dual control facility, make the new Stuart® model the most versatile block heater available today.

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Posted: October 18, 2003
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