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InnovoSCEPT Antimicrobial Susceptibility Tests Approved for Sale in Canada

Innovotech Inc. have announced that Health Canada has approved two InnovoSCEPT antimicrobial susceptibility tests for sale in Canada, an important step in the improved treatment of chronic infections.

The InnovoSCEPT tests join the previously approved, breakthrough product bioFILM PA™ to provide a range of tests for virtually all chronic bacterial infections that plague human health.

'These biofilm tests give doctors information about the most effective antibiotic treatment to use against a patient's particular bacterial infection.' states Ken Boutilier, President of Innovotech. 'Chronic infections, or those infections that resist eradication or keep returning, are usually biofilm infections. Before the advent of Innovotech's tests doctors had to rely on intuition, experience and educated guesses to prescribe antibiotics for chronic infections. Available tests only tested for effectiveness against easy to treat, free floating bacteria rather than the hard to eradicate colonies or biofilms that bacteria build to defend themselves.' InnovoSCEPT tests antibiotics against the particular biofilm that is infecting a patient, so the chances that a recommended treatment will work are greatly enhanced.

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Posted: April 24, 2012
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