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Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Advanced Range of CO2 Incubators for Cell Culture

The recently introduced Thermo Scientific Series 8000 CO2 incubators feature cutting-edge cell culture incubation technologies and provide stable, precise temperature, humidity and CO2 control, with advanced decontamination technology. A choice of either water jacket (WJ) or direct heat (DH) incubators is offered to meet even the most stringent laboratory and research requirements, offering maximum thermal protection and the flexibility to culture cells with confidence.

The triple wall construction and large volume of water ensures the Thermo Scientific Series 8000 WJ incubators provide excellent temperature stability and protection against heat loss. By holding the temperature for long periods, the WJ incubators offer extended protection during power failures. The Thermo Scientific Series 8000 DH incubators are lightweight, offering advanced airflow and direct chamber heating, to provide temperature uniformity and stability for an ideal culturing environment. The automatic high temperature decontamination cycle is ideal for overnight sterilization.

All Thermo Scientific Series 8000 CO2 incubators feature a patented HEPA filter airflow system, which achieves Class 100 air quality within five minutes and continuously filters the entire chamber volume. This provides an aseptic culturing atmosphere by eliminating any airborne contamination, minimizing the risk of product loss and downtime. Cleaning is simple and quick, with polished stainless steel interiors, coved corners, and shelves and supports that can be easily removed without tools. The HEPA filter is located just inside the incubator chamber for easy access and simple replacement. With an intuitive user interface and a choice of T/C or IR CO2 sensors, the Thermo Scientific Series 8000 CO2 incubators are an ideal choice for researchers in academic, government and clinical laboratories.

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Posted: October 2, 2007
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