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New General Purpose Centrifuge System Accelerates Sample Preparation

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., have introduced the Thermo Scientific Heraeus® Multifuge® 3 Plus Centrifuge Series – a fully integrated, high-throughput system that includes a broad range of high-capacity, high performance rotors and adapters for both clinical and research applications. With the addition of four new high performance fixed-angle carbon fiber rotors and new high-capacity adapters in this release, the Thermo Scientific Heraeus Multifuge 3 Plus Centrifuge Series brings higher speed and capacity to the laboratory bench, improving the researchers’ everyday sample preparation processes.
The Thermo Scientific Heraeus Multifuge 3 Plus is a versatile 3-liter centrifuge that offers researchers the highest bench-top processing capabilities in the market. The strong yet lightweight properties of the carbon fiber rotors allow for unprecedented g-forces – delivering super speed centrifugation in a bench-top centrifuge: 14 x 50 ml conical tubes; 8 x 50 ml conical tubes at over 24000 x g; 6 x 250 ml bottles at 18500 x g, 48 x 1.5/2 ml at over 24000 x g, and 28 x 50 ml conical tubes in the swinging bucket rotor in sealed conditions.

For blood tube processing, the Heraeus Multifuge 3 Plus offers new adapters that deliver industry-leading capacity: 108 x 5 or 7 ml blood collection tubes and 84 x 10 ml blood collection tubes. The combination of capacity and processing power in the new Heraeus Multifuge 3 Plus means that researchers can spin more samples in less time, which in turn frees them to focus on their results.

With its broad selection of nine swinging-bucket rotor configurations and seven fixed-angle rotors, the Thermo Scientific Heraeus Multifuge 3 Plus offers unsurpassed versatility, making it a truly cost-effective investment for every lab. Together with the low-profile design, a soft-touch waterproof keypad, SMARTspin™ Imbalance Detection System, and numerous other safety and convenience features, the Heraeus Multifuge 3 Plus Centrifuge Series continues to set the industry standard for reliability and convenience.

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Posted: May 16, 2007
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