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Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces a New Line of Micro-ultracentrifuges

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, has introduced two new Thermo Scientific Sorvall Micro-ultracentrifuge models, each delivering improved versatility in rapid, small volume processing of samples including viruses, cellular organelles, lipoproteins, nucleic acids and nanoparticles. Both new micro-ultracentrifuge models offer an expanded volume range, accommodating tubes from 0.2 mL to 30 mL. These systems use a cutting-edge drive system, providing maintenance-free performance and rotor imbalance protection to ensure years of reliable and dependable performance.

The Sorvall MTX 150 is up to 20% smaller than other benchtop models in its class and puts almost any separation within reach with a centrifugal force in excess of 1,048,000 x g. Its sleek design and quiet operation (45dBA) offer a comfortable working environment. Productivity is maximized with its best-in-class acceleration, achieving its maximum rotational speed of 150,000 rpm in just 80 seconds. A state-of-the-art, user-friendly LCD touch-screen interface simplifies operation while providing a range of operating features.

The new Sorvall MX series offers the same versatility as the Sorvall MTX 150 in the most- compact floor model configuration currently on the market. Available in two versions with maximum speeds of 150,000 rpm or 120,000 rpm, its small footprint of 2.3 square ft (0.21 sq M), in combination with minimal noise (below 48 dBA) enables convenient in-lab location.

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Posted: June 15, 2009
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