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Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Environmentally Friendly Workstations

The Thermo Scientific Hamilton Distinction® II Adaptable Laboratory Furniture System has been introduced at PITTCON 2009. This new range of workstations is easily integrated into any laboratory, with an adaptable design and contemporary look to enhance both functionality and aesthetics. Each modular unit is environmentally friendly, constructed from reclaimed steel, combined with components from renewable sources such as bamboo, agriboard and medium-density fiberboard.

This design enables laboratories to meet the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) criteria, developed to promote a sustainable future through the application of improved energy efficiencies and environmentally friendly products, practices and processes. The Thermo Scientific Hamilton Distinction II Adaptable Laboratory Furniture System will be exhibited for the first time at the Fisher Scientific Booth 1432 at PITTCON 2009, being held March 9-12 in Chicago.

The pre-wired and pre-piped Hamilton Distinction II laboratory bench enables quick connection to the utility ceiling service panel and reduces initial costs using factory-installed mechanical services. Power bars, needle-point fixtures and under-shelf lighting provide an unobstructed and well-illuminated work surface. In addition to being made from completely renewable sources, the manufacturing process for these eco-friendly workstations does not lead to any volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions or off-gassing. This makes them ideal for any laboratory, especially those looking to implement a 'green' campus initiative.

The Thermo Scientific Hamilton Distinction II Adaptable Laboratory Furniture System is designed to respond to current and future laboratory requirements. It provides the capability to change workstation configurations, room layouts or move entire laboratories with minimum downtime, cost and effort.

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Posted: March 10, 2009
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