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Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches Nanoliter Dispensing Tips for Automated Pipetting

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., has introduced new Thermo Scientific PocketTip® D.A.R.T.s® tips, enabling nanoliter volume dispensing on Thermo Scientific Matrix automated systems.

An internally molded capillary pocket allows the transfer of 50-500 nL of concentrated sample compounds suspended in Dimethyl Sulphoxide (DMSO) directly to assay plates, saving time, reagents and labware, as well as improving data quality with in-tip mixing.

PocketTip D.A.R.T.s tips introduce an easy, low risk and reliable method to change the way in which current instrumentation performs critical liquid handling tasks. Through aspiration, the capillary pocket fills with the specified amount of compound solution and facilitates soft in-tip mixing of sample and assay material, removing time consuming intermediate dilution steps and adding further function to the existing instruments. Furthermore, the unique face seal of the D.A.R.T.s tip minimizes tip-to-tip height variations for consistent dispensing. This innovative pipetting method makes it possible to perform assays quicker, reduce reagent costs and prevent compound precipitation for more accurate and precise results.

The new PocketTip D.A.R.T.s tips are ideal for all secondary compound screening applications, such as selectivity assays, potency determinations, cell- and enzyme-based assays and PCR primer dilutions.

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Posted: October 27, 2008
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