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New Large Volume, Super-speed Centrifugation System

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., has launched a Super-speed Centrifuge Workflow Solution to help spin sample volumes at a higher capacity and at higher speeds than ever before. Using the new Nalgene® 1L super-speed centrifuge bottle, which holds a full liter of liquid, researchers can now save a significant amount of time. By running far fewer centrifugation cycles -- taking advantage of the high volume -- separating large volumes of cell harvests and pelleting large volumes has never been quicker.

This super-speed workflow solution provides seamless compatibility between the new Nalgene bottle, FIBERLite® carbon fiber rotors, and Thermo Scientific Sorvall® Super-speed centrifuges.

Nalgene Super-speed 1L Centrifuge Bottles
Suitable for centrifuge applications at very high speeds, the new Nalgene super-speed 1L bottles are used to process cell harvests and intermediates for vaccine production, or for any application requiring large capacity processing. When matched with a 1 x 4L FIBERLite carbon fiber rotor and a Sorvall RC-6 Plus or a 1 x 6L FIBERLite carbon fiber rotor and the Sorvall Evolution centrifuge, these precision-engineered centrifuge bottles enable scientists to centrifuge up to 6 liters of sample at speeds that create forces of up to 15,810 x G.
Nalgene 1L Super-speed Centrifuge Bottles expand large centrifuge bottles use beyond gross separation procedures to effectively increase productivity and throughput in the laboratory. Bottles molded of polypropylene are translucent and display excellent chemical resistance, while the polycarbonate bottle is crystal clear. The wide mouth design facilitates pellet removal, and the bottle and closure assembly is autoclavable.

Lot control is performed during manufacturing to enable traceability, and all bottles are in compliance with USP Class VI and ISO quality standards. Nalgene 1L Super-speed Centrifuge Bottles are non-pyrogenic and may be provided sterile for single-use applications.

FIBERLite Carbon Fiber Rotors
The ultra-lightweight carbon fiber rotors from FIBERLite are resistant to corrosion and fatigue, delivering seamless compatibility with both the new Nalgene 1L super-speed centrifuge bottles and the Sorvall super-speed centrifuge models.A The rotors work to maximize high-throughput, high-speed centrifuge processes.

Thermo Scientific Sorvall Super-speed Centrifuges
The Sorvall RC 6 Plus and Evolution RC super-speed centrifuges offer an extremely quick sample processing capability at speeds of up to 22,000 (55,200 x G) and 26,000 (70,450 x G) rpm, respectively.A The two centrifuges can handle the most demanding of high-throughput applications as the Sorvall RC 6 Plus can process up to 4L, and the Evolution RC can process 6L.A By eliminating the need for vacuum seals or filters, Sorvall Super-speed centrifuges reduce the risk of tube and bottle leakage. Both models comply with CE and CSA standards.

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Posted: June 3, 2008
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