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Applied Biosystems Responds to Global Challenge of Food Safety

Applied Biosystems now provides pathogen detection kits directly to food companies and food testing laboratories for surveillance and analysis of food products, as a response to the growing consumer concern over food safety. The kits quickly and accurately detect contamination and enable food companies to take timely action to prevent outbreaks of food-borne illness and avoid costly recalls of products.

Among Applied Biosystems' pathogen detection solutions is the TaqMan® Salmonella enterica Detection Kit, which detects and identifies a wide range of Salmonella strains. The Salmonella detection kit is real-time PCR-based, and optimised for use with Applied Biosystems' industry-leading real-time PCR instrument systems to yield results in less than 24 hours, significantly faster than alternative methods which can take up to five days. The Salmonella detection kit earned the Performance Tested MethodsSM certification from the AOAC Research Institute, and the ISO-compliant AFNOR VALIDATION (ISO 16140) distinction from AFAQ AFNOR.

Applied Biosystems has been providing automated, genetics-based pathogen detection systems and kits through third-party channels to the food industry for more than two years. Applied Biosystems also offers kits to identify other pathogens, including E. coli O157:H7, Campylobacter, Staphylococcus, E. sakazakii, Pseudomonas and Listeria. To identify harmful chemicals, such as pesticides, dyes and mould-related toxins, Applied Biosystems offers Cliquid™ Software for food testing, the first automated application for detection of food contaminants based on industry-leading Applied Biosystems/MDS SCIEX mass spectrometry technology.

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Posted: March 20, 2008
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