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Thermo Laboratory Informatics Symposium to be Held in China

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.,has scheduled its 2008 Laboratory Informatics Symposium (LIS) to take place on 9-10 July 2008 at the Sheraton Dameisha Resort in Shenzhen, China. The symposium focuses on how effective informatics integration, calibration and utilization within the laboratory streamlines throughput and data access providing multiple business benefits. Representatives within the following functions of life sciences industry are encouraged to attend: laboratory scientists, laboratory managers, information technology managers, systems engineers and operations executives from industries including pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, environmental and others.

The Chinese Laboratory Informatics Symposium will provide attendees with the opportunity to meet and discuss issues and trends concerning laboratory informatics, emerging technologies and changing market requirements. The program for 2008 features compelling customer presentations highlighting experiences and achievements using Thermo Scientific informatics solutions, as well as presentations exploring optimal informatics setups in the employment of evolving technologies. Efficient manipulation and organization of data within Laboratory Informatics Management Systems (LIMS) will be addressed during the symposium, which will also discuss how to fully benefit from the powerful solutions offered by the software.

Mr. Shang WeiDong, chief of the China Commercial Scientific and Technology Quality and Laboratory Standard Center is Thermo Fisher´s invited speaker and will host a presentation to compare academic/research and statutory laboratories, statutory laboratory participation in market-orientated testing operations, and shall discuss training and appraisal practices for laboratory technicians. Customers, including Mr. Meng XiangFei of Neotrident Technologies Co. Ltd. and Caroline Zhang who is LIMS manager at SinoAnalytica, will present talks at Laboratory Informatics Symposium in China.

The laboratory Informatics Symposium provides the opportunity to share industry perspectives and changing business requirements that drive the enhancements necessary in informatics solutions. The Thermo Fisher Scientific Laboratory Informatics Symposium in China will bring together users of purpose-built Thermo Scientific LIMS solutions, Chromatography Data Systems (CDS) and spectroscopy software. The planned programme for the two-day event is now available and registration is open.

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Posted: May 27, 2008
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